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The Theater Equation (2016)

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16 Jan 2021
1Day One: Vigil1:4400
1Day Twelve: Trauma (Live in Rotterdam in September 2015)9:4000
2Day Thirteen: Sign (Live in Rotterdam in September 2015)5:0700
2Day Two: Isolation8:1300
3Day Fourteen: Pride (Live in Rotterdam in September 2015)4:4600
3Day Three: Pain4:5100
4Day Four: Mystery6:0600
4Reprise Vigil (Live in Rotterdam in September 2015)1:0900
5Day Fifteen: Betrayal (Live in Rotterdam in September 2015)5:1000
5Day Five: Voices6:5390
6Pain [reprise]0:3500
6Reprise School (Live in Rotterdam in September 2015)1:2400
7Day Six: Childhood5:1000
7Day Sixteen: Loser4:1500
8Day Seven: Hope2:2200
8Day Seventeen: Accident?5:1700
9Day Eight: School4:2810
9Pain 3 (reprise)0:5400
10Childhood [reprise]1:0900
10Day Eighteen: Realization3:0500
11Day Nine: Playground2:0700
11Trauma (reprise)2:1500
12Day Nineteen: Disclosure3:5000
12Day Ten: Memories3:5200
13Day Twenty: Confrontation7:2700
13Pain [2nd reprise]1:3900
14Day Eleven: Love4:0700
14Dream Sequencer System Offline (Live in Rotterdam in September 2015)1:1600
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