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Todd Rundgren

A Wizard, A True Star (1973)

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85 Plays
25 Nov 2020
1International Feel2:5021
2Never Never Land1:3500
3Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off1:1400
4You Need Your Head1:0210
5Rock And Roll Pussy1:0900
6Dogfight Giggle1:0500
7You Don´t Have To Camp Around1:0310
9Zen Archer5:3200
10Just Another Onionhead,Dada Dali2:2800
11When The Shit Hits The Fan,Sunset Blvd4:0311
12Le Feel Internacionale1:5200
13Sometimes I Don´t Know What To Feel4:16725
14Does Anybody Love You?1:3100
15Medley- I´m So Proud, Ooh Baby Baby, La La Means I Love You, Cool Jerk10:3722
16Hungry For Love2:1800
17I Don´t Want To Tie You Down1:5710
18Is It My Name?4:0111
19Just One Victory4:5931
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