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Alan Parsons Project

Ammonia Avenue (Expanded Edition) (1984)

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128 Plays
16 Oct 2020
1Prime Time5:0322
2Let Me Go Home3:2111
3One Good Reason3:3700
4Since The Last Goodbye4:3500
5Don't Answer Me4:1252
6Dancing On A Highwire4:24574
7You Don't Believe4:2700
9Ammonia Avenue6:45583
10Don't Answer Me (Early Rough Mix)5:1000
11You Don't Believe (Demo)2:2200
12Since The Last Goodbye (Chris Rainbow Vocal Overdubs)0:3000
13Since The Last Goodbye (Eric Guide Vocal - Rough Mix)4:2600
14You Don't Believe (Instrumental Tribute To The Shadows)3:0921
15Dancing On A Highwire Spotlight (Work In Progress)3:5710
16Ammonia Avenue Part (Eric Demo Vocal - Rough Mix)2:4221
17Ammonia Avenue (Orchestral Overdub)1:2200
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