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Alan Parsons Project

Gaudi (Extpanded Edition) (1987)

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21 Oct 2020
1La Sagrada Familia8:4800
2Too Late4:3111
3Closer To Heaven5:5400
4Standing On Higher Ground5:4910
5Money Talks4:2610
6Inside Looking Out6:2741
7Paseo De Gracia3:5300
8Too Late (Eric Woolfson Rough Guide Vocal)4:1300
9Standing On Higher Ground Losing Proposition (Vocal Experiments)3:5900
10Money Talks (Cris Rainbow Percussion Overdubs)0:3800
11Money Talks (Rough Mix Backing Track)4:2900
12Closer To Heaven (Sax Chris Rainbow Overdub Section)0:5000
13Paseo De Gracia (Rough Mix)3:4700
14La Sagrada Familia (Rough Mix)7:2500
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