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Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Strange Hobby (1996)

4.17 for 12 Votes
87 Plays
16 Feb 2020
1Arnold Layne (S Barret)2:5910
2Norwegian Wood (Lennon-Mccartney)2:08664
3Pictures Of Matchstick Men (F Rossi)3:1010
4I Am A Rock (P Simon)2:3520
5Boris The Spider (J Entwhistle2:1121
6(Further Reflections) (Daltrey-Pumer)3:1100
7Sunny Afternoon (R Davis)3:2910
8See Emily Play (S Barret)2:4122
9For No One (Lennon-Mccartney)2:0311
10I Want You (B Dylan)2:3812
11Bus Stop (G Gouldman)3:0510
12Flowers In The Rain (R Wood)2:1000
13The Letter (W Thompson)2:0811
14Ride A White Swan (M Bolan)2:1831
15Sloop John B (B Wilson)2:5830
16Daydream Believer (J Stellard)2:4210
17Catch The Wind (Donovan)1:5900
18Ice In The Sun (Wilde-Scott)2:2510
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