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Anthropocene (2013)

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10 Oct 2019
1Cosmonaut (Misha Mansoor - Periphery)5:0000
3Mindflay (Brian Wade & Josh Clark - Vestascension)3:2400
4Story For A Muse4:2500
5A Part, Apart (Brian Kohlhoff - An Obscure Signal4:3900
6Perpetual Groove7:0900
7Arcane Academic (Gabriel Riccio - The Gabriel Construct; Travis Orbin; Justin Gosnell - Vestascension)7:4200
8Escape (Patrick Purves - Life On Repeat; I.V. & Royal - The Fresh Republic)6:2400
9Sorrow (Andy Gruhin)5:0500
10Air Atlantic (Spencer Sotelo - Periphery)4:1100
11The Singularity - Terrans I5:5400
12The Singularity - Cosmists II (Kento Watanabe)12:2800
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