Library Info: Camel :: The Snow Goose [Bonus Tracks]


The Snow Goose [Bonus Tracks] (1975)

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06 Jan 2020
1The Great Marsh/Rhayader/Rhayader Goes To Town10:2671
4Sanctuary/Fritha/The Snow Goose/Friendship/Migration9:24521
9Rhayader Alone/Flight Of The Snow Goose/Preparation/Dunkirk13:52640
13Epitaph/Fritha Alone/La Princesse Perdue/The Great Marsh 29:5461
17Flight Of The Snow Goose [Single Edit]2:0710
18Rhayader [Single Edit]3:14311
19Flight Of The Snow Goose [Alternate Single Edit]2:5081
20Rhayader Goes To Town [Live]5:0770
21The Snow Goose/Freefall [Live]11:02431
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