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Consider The Source

World War Trio Parts I + II (2015)

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18 Jul 2020
2Many Words Of Disapproval5:1110
3This Dubious Honor10:34935
4One Hundred Thousand Fools4:1220
5Up To, But Not To Exceed... Whoa8:3793
6You Are Obsolete11:2420
7Tooth (Intro)0:4311
8Absence Of A Prominent Tooth5:3132
9Brother Nature3:3921
1040% Gentleman, 60% Scholar7:2511
11A Monument To Compromise (Faux Clarinet)7:2453
13So Say We All I5:1221
14So Say We All II5:3741
15So Say We All III5:5541
16More Than You'll Never Know7:3212
17I'll Fight For The Imp6:5342
18White People Problems7:5710
19Tsim Sha Tsui7:2921
20You Are Disappearing6:2410
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