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Solidarity (Live in Konin) (2015)

4.00 for 9 Votes
75 Plays
01 Jan 2019
1Beyond the Barbed Wire (Live)5:4420
1Salvation- I. Overture (Live)4:1510
2Salvation- II. Judgement Day (Live)6:0610
2This Life Could Be My Last (Live)9:1051
3Guardian Angel (Live)10:1021
3Sleepers (Live)13:27535
4Empires Never Last (Live)9:5931
4Guardian Angel (Reprise) [Live]6:5710
5Painted Lady (Live)1:3510
5Secret Kingdoms... (Live)5:3410
6...and Secret Worlds (Live)7:3221
6Seize the Day (Live)6:3020
7Singularity (Live)6:2610
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