Library Info: Gary Hughes :: Once And Future King - Part II

Gary Hughes

Once And Future King - Part II (2003)

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03 Jul 2020
1Kill The King [f/ DC Cooper]5:5140
2There By The Grace Of The Gods (Go I)5:1030
3I Still Love You (I Still Do)4:0620
4Oceans Of Tears [f/ Lana Lane]4:3180
5Rise From The Shadows [f/ Irene Jansen]3:4460
6Believe Enough To Fight [f/ Sabine Edelsbacher & Bob Catley]5:0350
7The Hard Way [f/ Doogie White]3:4710
8The Pagan Dream [f/ Sabine Edelsbacher]5:0240
9Demon Down [f/ Doogie White]3:4610
10Deius [Instr.]1:4220
11Without You [f/ Sean Harris]6:3540
12Once And Future King [f/ Harry Hess]6:58422
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