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Radio Voltaire (2018)

4.19 for 16 Votes
46 Plays
28 May 2020
1Radio Voltaire7:0372
2The Dead Club4:1062
4I Don't Know Why5:2331
5I Won't Break So Easily Any More5:3031
6Temple Tudor4:2861
7Out of Time6:2141
8Warmth of the Sun1:4900
9Grey Shapes On Concrete Fields4:4121
10Keep the Faith5:3541
11The Silent Fighter Pilot4:4931
12Temple Tudor (Piano Mix Bonus Track)4:2900
13The Dead Club (Berlin Headquarter Mix Bonus Track)4:0223
14Keep the Faith (Orchestral Mix Bonus Track)5:3531
15The Kino Funfair (Bonus Track)1:0100
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