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Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Deluxe Version) (2015)

4.67 for 9 Votes
19 Plays
13 Jan 2021
1Shudder Before the Beautiful6:29133
2Weak Fantasy5:2500
4Yours Is an Empty Hope5:3910
5Our Decades in the Sun6:3900
6My Walden4:3900
7Endless Forms Most Beautiful5:0800
8Edema Ruh5:1600
10The Eyes of Sharbat Gula6:0400
11The Greatest Show on Earth24:0133
12Shudder Before the Beautiful (Instrumental)6:2000
13Weak Fantasy (Instrumental)5:2500
14Élan (Instrumental)4:4700
15Yours Is an Empty Hope (Instrumental)5:3900
16Our Decades in the Sun (Instrumental)6:4000
17My Walden (Instrumental)4:3800
18Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Instrumental)5:0800
19Edema Ruh (Instrumental)5:1600
20Alpenglow (Instrumental)4:4900
21The Eyes of Sharbat Gula (Instrumental)6:0411
22The Greatest Show on Earth (Instrumental)24:0812
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