Library Info: Roz Vitalis :: The Hidden Man of the Heart

Roz Vitalis

The Hidden Man of the Heart (2018)

4.63 for 4 Votes
17 Plays
15 Jan 2021
1Someone Passed Over2:1811
2Passing Over (LP Version)6:4362
3Rhapsody of Refugees5:4461
5Trampled by the Lion and Adder1:3500
6Thou Shalt Tread Upon the Lion and Adder6:4510
7Passing on the Line2:0300
8Disturbed by Jungle1:5610
9Jungle Waltz5:0210
10Wounded by the Lion and Adder3:5600
11Fret Not Thyself Because of Evildoers6:5900
12The Hidden Man of the Heart5:1410
13Some Refugee Passed Over3:4500
14Psalm 6 (LP Version)8:3300
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