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Generation 13 (1995)

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13 Aug 2020
1Chances Are #1, Generation 13 (Theme #1), All Will Change (Goodbye & Good Luck)6:22733
4The Cross (Home #3)4:0920
5Danger Whistle, Leave Her Alone5:1720
7I'll Never Be Like You, My Name Is Sam (Finding A Friend), The 13th Generation, The Cross7:4830
11The Learning Tree, I'll Never Be Like You (Once Again)8:5820
13Snake Oil, We Hope You're Feeling Better (The Test), My Name Is Sam (Your Time Is Up)8:4050
16Generation 13 (Theme #2), Where Are You Now, Screw'em, No Strings Attached, All Will Change (It's Happening To Me)15:3540
21The Victim, One Small Step, Sam's New Friend, We Hope You're Feeling Better, Chances are #211:5440
26The Cross (Live --- Bonus Track)4:1610
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