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Ambigious Points Of View CD 2 (2006)

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01 Oct 2020
1Equation Of Three Moments - Part I3:1800
2Equation Of Three Moments - Part Ii6:0400
3Equation Of Three Moments - Part Iii1:5700
4Far Away From Reality - Part I7:1500
5Riding The Magnetic Levitation Train7:5400
6Far Away From Reality - Part Ii2:3800
7Smilin' Faces4:1310
8See The Light7:2110
9What I See1:2500
10Far Away From Reality - Part Iii6:3200
11Learning To Fly5:3000
11Part X - Ray Of Hope (Part Ii)6:1710
12Heven Of Peace4:2500
12Part Xi -The Wisenheimer's Part (Part I)2:1200
13Green Valley3:5400
13Part Xii - Almost Everywhere3:1400
14Far Away From Reality - Part Iv5:3600
14Part Xiii - Everything Has Two Sides3:3910
15Babylon Atmosphere2:1500
15The Wisenheimer's Part (Part Ii)1:2810
16Time Is Running Out19:2500
16Yesterday's Dance7:4800
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