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Sithu Aye

Set Course For Andromeda (2016)

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27 Apr 2020
1Space Cadet1:5400
2Set Course For Andromeda!!!8:3800
3Constants And Variables8:2800
5Beyond The Boundary8:3400
6Transient Transistors7:5600
7...We Actually Made It To Andromeda!!!6:1500
8The Andromedan, Pt. I- A Single Step5:2400
9The Andromedan, Pt. II- Mystic Village6:3200
10The Andromedan, Pt. III- Trials Of The Elements4:0500
11The Andromedan, Pt. IV- The Darkness Within2:3900
12The Andromedan, Pt. V- Rebirth6:1100
13The Andromedan, Pt. VI- Mother Of Creation4:1400
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