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The Neal Morse Band

The Great Adventure (2019)

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20 Plays
08 Jul 2020
1Overture 23:4700
2Long Ago3:4510
2The Dream Isn't Over2:4111
3The Dream Continues1:2100
3Welcome to the World5:3133
4A Momentary Change3:4200
4Fighting with Destiny5:2400
5Dark Melody3:3000
5Vanity Fair4:0022
6I Got to Run6:0500
6Welcome to the World 24:0211
7The Element of Fear2:3500
7To the River5:0220
8Child of Wonder2:2800
8The Great Adventure6:0620
9The Great Despair6:1800
9Venture in Black5:1621
10Freedom Calling7:3210
10Hey Ho Let's Go3:2200
11A Love That Never Dies8:0531
11Beyond the Borders3:0800
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