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Drama (Remaster) (1980)

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28 Nov 2020
1Machine Messiah10:283199
2White Car1:2190
3Does It Really Happen ?6:36505
4Into The Lens8:321986
5Run Though The Light4:4370
6Tempus Fugit5:2220210
7Into The Lens (I Am A Camera) - (Single Version)3:4870
8Run Through The Light (Single Version)4:3131
9Have We Really Got To Go Through This (Previously Unissued)3:4340
10Song No. 4 (Satellite) - (Previously Unissued)7:3240
11Tempus Fugit (Previously Unissued Tracking Session)5:4040
12White Car (Previously Unissued Tracking Session)1:1120
13Dancing Through The Light (Previously Unissued)3:1781
14Golden Age (Previously Unissued)5:5820
15In The Tower (Previously Unissued)2:5530
16Friend Of A Friend (Previously Unissued)3:3930
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