Progulus CD List (21 May 2020)

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ArtistAlbumYearGenreBayesian RatingVotesRatingPlays
3...To The Power of Three1988Crossover, AOR4.11234.17153
3rdegreeNarrow-Caster2008Crossover, AOR3.94713.88244
3rdegreeThe Long Division2012Crossover, AOR4.0714.002
3rdegreeOnes & Zeros: Vol. 12015Crossover, AOR4.09104.1531
3rdegreeThe Reunion Concerts2008Crossover, AOR4.0964.178
3rdegreeLive At ProgDay 20092009Crossover, AOR4.0700.000
Aeon SpokeAeon Spoke2004AOR3.96163.7554
After The FallkNOwleDGE2005AOR4.01133.88101
Arc AngelArc Angel1983Crossover, AOR3.95303.8368
Arc Angel-CannataTamorok2002Crossover, AOR3.79593.64182
AsiaPhoenix2008Crossover, Symphonic, AOR3.81643.69122
AsiaAlpha1983Crossover, Symphonic, AOR3.95323.8391
AsiaAqua1992Crossover, Symphonic, AOR3.93423.8369
AsiaAstra1985Crossover, Symphonic, AOR4.01393.96156
AsiaAsia1982Crossover, Symphonic, AOR4.021144.00312
Blue MurderBlue Murder1989Hard Rock, AOR4.14784.17417
Bob CatleySpirit Of Man2006Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.86363.6862
Brazen AbbotEye Of The Storm1997Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.87193.5525
Brazen AbbotBad Religion1997Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.85233.5732
Brazen AbbotGuilty as Sin2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.85343.6651
Brazen AbbotMy resurrection2005Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.99253.9068
CannataImages Of Forever1988Crossover, AOR4.0714.009
CannataMy Back Pages - Volume 12008Crossover, AOR4.06644.05178
CannataMysterium Magnum2006Crossover, AOR4.141294.15670
CannataWatching The World1993Crossover, AOR4.0824.2515
CornerstoneHuman Stain2002Hard Rock, AOR4.0373.8628
CornerstoneTwo Tales Of One Tomorrow2007Hard Rock, AOR4.05264.0274
CornerstoneArrival2000Hard Rock, AOR4.16174.3232
CornerstoneOnce Upon Our Yesterdays2004Hard Rock, AOR4.25474.37394
Crack The SkyFrom the Greenhouse1989Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.89203.6260
Crack The SkyAnimal Notes1976Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.96173.7637
Crack The SkySafety in Numbers.1978Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.14354.20183
Crack The SkyCrack The Sky [Bonus Tracks]1975Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.0824.258
Crack The SkyThe Sale2007Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.1064.2511
D.C. CooperD.C. Cooper1999Hard Rock, AOR4.11544.14261
Day ShiftImaginary Menagerie2005Crossover, AOR3.94193.7440
Day ShiftOf Whispers2006Crossover, AOR4.05104.0040
Electric Light OrchestraEldorado1974Crossover, AOR, Neo-Classical3.78463.60112
Electric Light OrchestraELO II1972Crossover, AOR, Neo-Classical3.96133.6914
Electric Light OrchestraTime.1981Crossover, AOR, Neo-Classical3.86403.7060
Electric Light OrchestraOlé ELO1976Crossover, AOR, Neo-Classical3.95233.7848
Electric Light OrchestraOn The Third Day1973Crossover, AOR, Neo-Classical4.05154.0052
Electric Light OrchestraFace The Music1975Crossover, AOR, Neo-Classical4.04674.03195
FlashFlash / Out Of Our Hands1973Eclectic, Symphonic, Yes Influenced, AOR4.0664.006
FlashIn The Can1972Eclectic, Symphonic, Yes Influenced, AOR4.0774.0713
FMSurveillance1979Crossover, AOR4.06144.0460
FMNearfest 20062006Crossover, AOR4.1064.2521
FMBlack Noise1977Crossover, AOR4.22464.32230
FMRetroactive2004Crossover, AOR4.1384.3857
FMCity of Fear1980Crossover, AOR4.16104.4563
FrancoCydonia Mensae2000Crossover, AOR3.98143.7949
Galactic CowboysAt The End of The Day1998Crossover, AOR4.04414.0169
Galactic CowboysMachine Fish1995Crossover, AOR4.06284.05156
Galactic CowboysGalactic Cowboys1991Crossover, AOR4.25534.36220
Gary HughesOnce And Future King - Part II2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.03123.9277
Gary HughesOnce And Future King - Part I2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.08264.10117
Ghost CircusCycles.2006Crossover, AOR4.151074.17419
Ghost CircusAcross The Line2008Crossover, AOR4.30764.39348
GiraffeGiraffe1999Crossover, AOR4.04634.02260
GodsticksEmergence2015Crossover, AOR4.0700.001
GodsticksFaced with Rage2017Crossover, AOR4.0700.002
GodsticksGodsticks2008Crossover, AOR4.0700.000
GodsticksThe Envisage Conundrum2013Crossover, AOR4.0700.000
Golden EarringThe Continuing Story of Radar Love1989Crossover, AOR3.90423.79185
GPSWindow To The Soul2006Neo-Progressive, AOR4.121404.14616
Greg Lake & Geoff DownesRide the Tiger2015Crossover, Symphonic, AOR4.0724.0012
GTRGTR1986Crossover, AOR4.11894.12439
JourneyLook Into the Future1976Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.73593.56256
JourneyJourney1975Crossover, Hard, AOR4.09584.09153
KansasMonolith (2008 Japan Remaster)1979Symphonic, AOR4.0513.509
KansasThe Prelude Implicit2016Symphonic, AOR3.93223.7325
KansasAlways Never the Same2007Symphonic, AOR3.95283.8233
KansasKansas (2008 Japan Remaster)1974Symphonic, AOR4.0714.004
KansasMasque (2008 Japan Remaster)1975Symphonic, AOR4.0844.1310
KansasKing Biscuit Flower Hour Presents1989Symphonic, AOR4.13424.17173
KansasDevice - Voice - Drum (disk 1)2002Symphonic, AOR4.13504.17186
KansasDrastic Measures1983Symphonic, AOR4.17414.24231
KansasWorks In Progress2006Symphonic, AOR4.18334.27192
KansasIn The Spirit Of Things1988Symphonic, AOR4.21574.28326
KansasMonolith1979Symphonic, AOR4.25804.32348
KansasAudio-Visions1980Symphonic, AOR4.281104.34414
KansasSomewhere to elsewhere2000Symphonic, AOR4.28974.35489
KansasPower1986Symphonic, AOR4.27564.38315
KansasDevice - Voice - Drum (disk 2)2002Symphonic, AOR4.20194.39136
KansasFreaks Of Nature1995Symphonic, AOR4.30644.41423
KansasKansas1974Symphonic, AOR4.361424.42637
KansasTwo For The Show1978Symphonic, AOR4.37854.47287
KansasLeftoverture Live & Beyond2017Symphonic, AOR4.1024.5013
KansasVinyl Confessions1982Symphonic, AOR4.25214.50138
KansasMasque1975Symphonic, AOR4.471364.56662
KansasPoint of Know Return1977Symphonic, AOR4.522014.59902
KansasSong for America1975Symphonic, AOR4.501314.60661
KansasLeftoverture1976Symphonic, AOR4.592204.66898
KansasPoint Of Know Return (2008 Japan Remaster)1977Symphonic, AOR4.1654.7023
KansasLeftoverture (2008 Japan Remaster)1976Symphonic, AOR4.1535.0015
KansasSong For America (2008 Japan Remaster)1975Symphonic, AOR4.1015.004
KansasTwo For The Show Cd 1 (2008 Japan Remaster)1978Symphonic, AOR4.0700.005
KansasTwo For The Show Cd 2 (2008 Japan Remaster)1978Symphonic, AOR4.0700.003
Kevin GilbertThe Shaming Of The True2000Crossover, AOR4.0543.8815
Kevin GilbertBolts2009Crossover, AOR4.0714.005
Kevin GilbertThud1994Crossover, AOR4.11654.13222
Kevin GilbertKashmir & Thud EP1995Crossover, AOR4.11244.17111
KhymeraThe Greatest Wonder2008Melodic, Crossover, AOR3.98273.8986
King's XBlack Like Sunday2003Crossover, AOR4.0333.672
King's XPlease Come Home...Mr. Bulbous2000Crossover, AOR4.00173.8838
King's XLive Love In London CD12010Crossover, AOR4.02173.9461
King's XLive Love In London CD22010Crossover, AOR4.07194.0839
King's XDogman1994Crossover, AOR4.09944.10377
King's XBest of King's X1997Crossover, AOR4.15724.19217
King's XEar Candy1996Crossover, AOR4.15484.21267
King's XOut Of The Silent Planet1988Crossover, AOR4.17664.21277
King's XXV2008Crossover, AOR4.181014.22277
King's XTape Head1998Crossover, AOR4.18474.24153
King's XOgre Tones2005Crossover, AOR4.1174.2916
King's XFaith Hope Love1990Crossover, AOR4.241104.29553
King's XGretchen Goes To Nebraska1989Crossover, AOR4.281414.33681
King's XKing's X1992Crossover, AOR4.27814.34373
Manfred Mann's Earth BandWatch1978Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.89213.6231
Manfred Mann's Earth BandSolar Fire - Special Edition1973Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.07394.08175
Manfred Mann's Earth BandWired2001Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.13564.17185
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe Roaring Silence1976Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.14154.2720
Manfred Mann's Earth BandNightingales And Bombers1975Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.1784.5621
MoonboundUncomfortable News From The Moon2015Crossover, AOR, PT Influenced4.0700.0012
N.R.G.No Reasons Given1987Crossover, AOR3.98333.89110
Native WindowNative Window2008Crossover, Symphonic, AOR, Violin Spotlight3.93273.7882
New DisorderHollywood Burns2009Crossover, AOR4.01213.9345
NightingaleI.2000Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.04224.0070
NightingaleInvisible2004Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.05274.02106
NightingaleThe Closing Chronicles1996Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.22424.33106
NightingaleAlive Again2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.34564.4878
NightingaleAlive Again2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.0814.504
NightingaleWhite Darkness2007Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.591604.69494
NightingaleThe Breathing Shadow1996Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.45364.78190
NightingaleInvisible2004Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.0700.0045
NightingaleRetribution2014Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.0700.0022
Pinnick Gales PridgenPinnick Gales Pridgen2013Crossover, AOR4.08334.0987
Place VendomePlace Vendome2005Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.98103.7054
Praying MantisSanctuary2009Crossover, AOR4.01203.9332
Proto-KawThe Wait Of Glory2006Symphonic, AOR, Kansas and Influenced4.12834.14319
Proto-KawBefore Became After (Disk 1)2004Symphonic, AOR, Kansas and Influenced4.14984.16409
Robert BerryPrime Cuts2006Crossover, AOR, Cover Songs4.11584.14158
Ronnie MontroseThe Speed Of Sound1988Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.10384.13185
Russell AllenAtomic Soul2005Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.171164.19384
SagaNetwork2004Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.0273.7912
SagaGeneration 131995Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.00283.9358
SagaSaga1978Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.02323.9754
SagaTrust2006Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.03243.98104
SagaBehaviour1985Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.01593.98128
SagaThe Beginners Guide To Throwing Shapes2003Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.05154.0049
SagaSagacity Disk 12015Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.05104.0021
Saga20/202012Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.07164.0638
Saga10,000 Days.2007Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.11424.1389
SagaHeads Or Tales1994Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.12684.15196
SagaSagacity Disk 22015Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.0834.175
SagaWorlds Apart Revisited (Disk 1)2007Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.16564.21221
SagaThe Security Of Illusion1993Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.15434.21125
SagaIn Transit1982Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.15314.23168
SagaThe Human Condition2009Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.191124.23375
SagaSilent Knight1980Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.19824.23244
SagaWorlds Apart Revisited (Disk 2)2007Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.19534.25176
SagaImages At Twilight1979Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.18434.26147
SagaHouse Of Cards2001Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.22544.31266
SagaWorlds Apart1982Crossover, Neo-Progressive, AOR4.29994.36349
Shotgun SymphonyOn The Line Of Fire1997Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.08224.09100
Son Of ManSon of Man2016Crossover, AOR4.0523.756
SupertrampCrisis? What Crisis?1976Crossover, AOR3.96243.8152
SupertrampBrother Where You Bound1985Crossover, AOR4.00203.9018
SupertrampBreakfast In America1979Crossover, AOR4.05734.05206
SupertrampFamous Last Words1982Crossover, AOR4.08164.0950
SupertrampCrime of the Century1974Crossover, AOR4.241024.29379
SupertrampEven in the Quietest Moments1977Crossover, AOR4.26884.32430
Ten JinnAs On A Darkling Plain1999Crossover, AOR4.00293.9377
Ten JinnSisyphus2017Crossover, AOR4.0814.501
The Jelly JamThe Jelly Jam2002Crossover, AOR4.15964.17358
The Jelly Jam22004Crossover, AOR4.161164.18608
The Jelly JamProfit2016Crossover, AOR4.1134.5016
ThreeWake Pig2005Crossover, AOR4.09904.09250
ThreeThe Ghost You Gave To Me2011Crossover, AOR4.19454.28224
ThreeThe End is Begun2007Crossover, AOR4.291404.34395
TouchstoneMad Hatters2006Crossover, AOR4.06374.05159
TouchstoneDiscordant Dreams2007Crossover, AOR4.09164.1334
TouchstoneThe City Sleeps2011Crossover, AOR4.11424.1382
TouchstoneWintercoast2009Crossover, AOR4.18764.23331
TouchstoneOceans of Time2013Crossover, AOR4.14124.3349
Toy MatineeToy Matinee1990Crossover, AOR4.10764.12324
Ty TaborMoonflower Lane1998Crossover, AOR3.90263.6926
Ty TaborRock Garden2006Crossover, AOR3.83833.75443
UKZRadiation2009Crossover, AOR3.91373.78115
UnitopiaCovered Mirror Vol. 1 - Smooth as Silk2012Eclectic, AOR3.87353.7047
UnitopiaMore Than A Dream2005Eclectic, AOR4.131154.14331
UnitopiaThe Garden (Disc 2)2008Eclectic, AOR4.231094.27326
UnitopiaThe Garden (Disc 1)2008Eclectic, AOR4.301284.35321
UnitopiaArtificial2010Eclectic, AOR4.311104.37405
Uriah HeepFallen Angel1978Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR3.91153.6021
Uriah HeepRaging Silence1989Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR3.94173.7123
Uriah HeepSalisbury1971Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.0553.909
Uriah HeepAbominog1982Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.03193.9730
Uriah HeepTotally Driven CD12015Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.0714.0015
Uriah HeepThe Magician's Birthday1972Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.13244.2164
Uriah HeepLook At Yourself1971Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.27614.37244
Uriah HeepDemons and Wizards1972Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.21234.39127
Uriah HeepTotally Driven CD22015Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.0700.0015
UtopiaRA1977Eclectic, AOR3.89493.79157
UtopiaTodd Rundgren's Utopia1974Eclectic, AOR4.16524.21136
XinemaDifferent Ways2002Crossover, AOR3.87263.6330
XinemaBasic Communication2006Crossover, AOR4.12444.16193
ZebraThe Best of Zebra -- In Black And White1998Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.831413.78568