Progulus CD List (21 May 2020)

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ArtistAlbumYearGenreBayesian RatingVotesRatingPlays
AghoraAghora1999Technical, Female-Fronted, Eastern/Ethnic Influence3.97393.88141
AghoraFormless2006Technical, Female-Fronted, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.262004.29841
AmasefferExodus - Slaves for Life2008Progressive/Metal, Symphonic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.402434.441,194
AmasefferExodus - Slaves for Life2008Progressive Rock/Metal, Symphonic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.412394.451,217
Andre Fertier's ClivageMixtus Orbis1979Progressive, Symphonic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.0724.002
Emir HotSevdah Metal2008Metal Guitar Spotlight, Neo-Classical, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.17944.20398
Farzad GolpayeganiOne2002Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.0093.7817
Farzad GolpayeganiTwo2004Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.09334.11116
Lindsey BoulltComposition2007Crossover, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental3.98233.8734
Lion ShepherdHiraeth2015Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.0844.1323
Oriental SunshineDedicated To The Bird We Love1970Progressive, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.0053.608
Orphaned LandThe Calm Before The Flood2004Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence3.99183.8685
Orphaned LandKna'an2016Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.0724.0017
Orphaned LandThe Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR2010Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.121584.13482
Orphaned LandMabool2004Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.241894.26797
Orphaned LandAll Is One2013Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.22134.5873
Ozric TentaclesSliding Gliding Worlds1988Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0714.002
Ozric TentaclesSpice Doubt1998Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0714.003
Ozric TentaclesSwirly Termination2000Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.13324.1981
Ozric TentaclesPaper Monkeys2011Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.17404.24138
Ozric TentaclesErpland1990Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.21704.26214
Ozric TentaclesThe Hidden Step2000Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.20564.27220
Ozric TentaclesPungent Effulgent1989Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.18354.27187
Ozric TentaclesJurassic Shift1993Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.21594.28176
Ozric TentaclesThe Floor's Too Far Away2006Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.20484.28156
Ozric TentaclesStrangeitude1991Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.26714.35271
Ozric TentaclesWaterfall Cities1999Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.321404.37726
Ozric TentaclesBecome The Other1995Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.26504.38164
Ozric TentaclesCurious Corn1997Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.27514.38149
Ozric TentaclesArborescence1994Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.28514.40204
Ozric TentaclesSpirals In Hyperspace2004Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.27424.42215
Ozric TentaclesThe Yum Yum Tree2009Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.381624.44692
Ozric TentaclesPyramidion2001Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.27344.46109
Ozric TentaclesLive Underslunky1992Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.1134.503
Ozric TentaclesPongmaster's Ball (CD 1)2002Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0814.501
Ozric TentaclesTechnicians Of The Sacred2015Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.1654.7035
Ozric TentaclesErpsongs1984Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0700.000
Ozric TentaclesLive Ethereal Cereal1986Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0700.000
Ozric TentaclesPongmaster's Ball (CD 2)2002Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0700.000
Ozric TentaclesTantric Obstacles1985Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0700.001
Ozric TentaclesThe Bits Between The Bits1989Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0700.000
Ozric TentaclesThere Is Nothing1986Psychedelic, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0700.000
Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola, John MclaughlinFriday Night In San Francisco live1981Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.35634.48268
Salim Ghazi SaeediIconophobic2010Eclectic, Instrumental, Eastern/Ethnic Influence3.92183.6768
SiddharthaTrip To Innerself2009Psychedelic, Pink Floyd and Influenced, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.13914.15286
Steve StevensFlamenco A Go-Go1999Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.16564.21279
Tak MatsumotoHana2003Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.03744.01185
The Feather of Ma'atThe Feather of Ma'at2014Progressive, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.0700.003
The Tea PartyAlhambra1996Crossover, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.04133.9652
The Tea PartyInterzone Mantras2001Crossover, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.10644.12264
The Tea PartyTRIPtych1999Crossover, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.11364.1482
The Tea PartyTransmission1997Crossover, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.12664.14328
The Tea PartyThe Edges Of Twilight1995Crossover, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.29994.36556