Progulus CD List (21 May 2020)

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ArtistAlbumYearGenreBayesian RatingVotesRatingPlays
ChaoswaveThe White Noise Within2005Technical, Thrash, Female-Fronted3.91403.79210
ChaoswaveDead Eye Dreaming2008Technical, Thrash, Female-Fronted3.97383.89100
Continuo RenacerContinuo Renacer2005Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.961273.94638
Continuo RenacerThe Great Escape2011Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.03263.9855
Control DeniedThe Fragile Art Of Existence1999Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.07624.06256
CynicFocus1993Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.901143.86555
CynicKindly Bent to Free Us2014Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.16184.3188
CynicTraced in Air2008Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.291394.34947
DistillatorRevolutionary Cells2015Thrash4.0513.509
ForwardheadPieces2007Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.06204.0594
Frantic BleepThe Sense Apparatus2005Technical, Thrash3.97183.8175
HibriaHibria2015Thrash, Power4.0533.8318
Infinity Minus OneInfernal Machine2006Technical, Thrash4.0700.0042
Into EternityBuried In Oblivion2004Harsh Vocals, Technical, Thrash4.01363.96133
Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy2008Harsh Vocals, Technical, Thrash4.03364.0073
Into EternityDead or Dreaming2001Harsh Vocals, Technical, Thrash4.06274.06101
LeprousAeolia2006Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.96523.89193
LeprousCoal2013Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.13684.15259
LeprousMalina2017Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.0824.256
LeprousThe Congregation2015Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.22294.38151
LeprousTall Poppy Syndrome2009Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.352574.381,274
LeprousBilateral2011Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.391834.45930
LeprousLive At Rockefeller Music Hall2016Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.1015.004
ManitouEntrance1995Melodic, Technical, Thrash3.92263.7585
MastodonOnce More 'Round The Sun2014Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.0333.6719
MastodonCrack The Skye2009Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.98253.88101
MercenaryMetamorphosis2011Technical, Thrash3.88253.6631
MercenaryArchitect of Lies2008Technical, Thrash4.14484.18138
Mercenary11 Dreams2004Technical, Thrash4.21964.26385
MercenaryThe Hours That Remain2006Technical, Thrash4.241524.28496
NevermoreNevermore1995Power, Thrash, Queensryche and Influenced3.90313.7362
NevermoreEnemies of Reality2003Power, Thrash, Queensryche and Influenced3.95283.8270
NevermoreIn Memory1996Power, Thrash, Queensryche and Influenced4.00163.8897
NevermoreThe Politics Of Ecstasy1997Power, Thrash, Queensryche and Influenced4.03233.9864
NevermoreThis Godless Endeavor2005Power, Thrash, Queensryche and Influenced4.171344.19682
NevermoreDreaming Neon Black1999Power, Thrash, Queensryche and Influenced4.22954.26529
Power of OmensRooms Of Anguish2003Technical, Thrash3.82683.71198
Power of OmensEyes of the Oracle1998Technical, Thrash4.12574.14258
PrototypeTrinity2004Technical, Thrash4.10494.11289
PrototypeCatalyst2012Technical, Thrash4.09124.1235
PrototypeContinuum2006Technical, Thrash4.22314.37304
Psychotic WaltzInto The Everflow - Bonus Disc1992Technical, Thrash4.0533.837
Psychotic WaltzMosquito1994Technical, Thrash4.09704.09341
Psychotic WaltzInto The Everflow1992Technical, Thrash4.20404.30181
Psychotic WaltzA Social Grace1989Technical, Thrash4.18214.3358
Psychotic WaltzBleeding1996Technical, Thrash4.27314.47145
Scar SymmetryDark Matter Dimensions2009Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.86393.7193
Scar SymmetryPitch Black Progress2006Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.12674.15231
Scar SymmetryHolographic Universe2008Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.201834.22607
Scar SymmetryThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.0700.009
SerdceTimelessness2014Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.12154.2396
SikThThe Future in Whose Eyes?2017Thrash4.0714.003
SikThDeath Of A Dead Day2006Thrash4.0700.0010
SikThThe Trees Are Dead & Dried Out2003Thrash4.0700.0014
SoilworkNatural Born Chaos2002Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.99793.96285
Spiral ArchitectA Sceptic's Universe2000Technical, Math, Thrash4.161594.181,021
TesseractPolaris2015Djent, Thrash4.22204.45114
TesseractOne2011Djent, Thrash4.24184.53114
TesseractAltered State2013Djent, Thrash4.47684.65432
The Fall Of TroyDoppelgänger2005Thrash4.0513.5012
The Fall Of TroyDoppelgänger2005Progressive, Thrash4.0700.004
Thought IndustryMods Carve the Pig: Assassins, Toads and God's Flesh1993Avant-Garde, Thrash4.0700.000
Thought IndustrySongs for Insects1992Avant-Garde, Thrash4.0700.000
TOCLoss Angeles2004Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.10594.11417
TOCPervertigo2002Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.13104.30178
Zero HourDark Deceiver2008Technical, Thrash4.011544.00416
Zero HourA Fragile Mind2005Technical, Thrash4.19874.23590
Zero HourThe Towers Of Avarice2001Technical, Thrash4.261574.29871
Zero HourSpecs of Pictures Burnt Beyond2006Technical, Thrash4.261494.30820
Zero HourMetamorphosis2003Technical, Thrash4.271174.32594