Progulus CD List (21 May 2020)

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ArtistAlbumYearGenreBayesian RatingVotesRatingPlays
7for4Splash2014Jazz, Technical DTI, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.05124.0045
7for4Time2004Jazz, Technical DTI, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.161014.19450
7for4Contact2001Jazz, Technical DTI, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.201094.24393
7for4Diffusion2008Jazz, Technical DTI, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.341804.38889
Andy Timmons BandResolution2006Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.86413.7176
Billy McLaughlinFingerdance1996Rock Guitar Spotlight, Ambient, Instrumental3.76373.50106
Billy SheehanCosmic Troubadour2005Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.83493.68110
Brett GarsedDark Matter2011Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Instrumental4.03404.00135
Brett GarsedBig Sky2002Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Instrumental4.08724.08205
Brett Garsed & T.J. HelmerichExempt1994Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Instrumental3.83513.69101
California Guitar TrioInvitation1995Crossover, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Ambient, Eclectic, Instrumental4.0413.006
California Guitar TrioRocks The West2000Crossover, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Ambient, Eclectic, Instrumental3.83513.69189
California Guitar TrioPathways1998Crossover, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Ambient, Eclectic, Instrumental3.87613.7794
Chad Smith's Bombastic MeatbatsMore Meat2010Jazz, Instrumental, Rock Guitar Spotlight3.99393.92112
Chad Smith's Bombastic MeatbatsMeet The Meatbats2009Jazz, Instrumental, Rock Guitar Spotlight4.19654.24217
Chris PolandChasing The Sun2000Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Instrumental3.94273.8096
Doug NotterTerra Incognita.2004Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.97143.7526
Edward BoxMotion Control2013Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.0714.004
Edward BoxMoonfudge2006Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.0700.002
Eric JohnsonTones1986Rock Guitar Spotlight4.0714.001
Eric JohnsonAh Via Musicom1990Rock Guitar Spotlight4.0700.000
Eric JohnsonAlien Love Child, Live And Beyond2000Rock Guitar Spotlight4.0700.001
Eric JohnsonBloom2005Rock Guitar Spotlight4.0700.001
Eric JohnsonVenus Isle1996Rock Guitar Spotlight4.0700.001
GuitarStewJim & Jam2008Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.0934.336
Guthrie GovanErotic Cakes2006Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.202154.22936
HardwiredGeographic Anomaly2005Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.11324.16139
Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Steve VaiG3 Live In Concert1997Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.091294.09680
Joel HoekstraThe Moon Is Falling2002Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.81843.72326
Joel HoekstraUndefined2000Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.86593.75153
John BassettAperture2016Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.1134.509
JPLRetrospections Volume 12008Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.12514.16156
LeprechaunLeprechaun2008Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.07704.07217
Magic ElfElf Tales1998Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.97403.9091
Magic ElfHeavy Meddle2003Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.141434.16762
Magic ElfLive EP2000Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.14244.2375
Marc BonillaEE Ticket1991Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.98173.8219
Marc BonillaAmerican Matador1993Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.02173.9447
Matt StevensGhost.2010Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.91153.6043
Michael HedgesOracle.1996Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Ambient4.0493.9423
Michael HedgesTorched1999Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Ambient4.09164.1288
Michael ManringThonk1994Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.16864.19367
Nick JohnstonRemarkably Human2016Rock Guitar Spotlight4.1144.385
Ohm:Ohm:2003Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.99573.95146
Ohm:Amino Acid Flashback2005Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.02393.9991
Ohm:"Live" on KPFK 90.7 FM2004Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.08214.1079
Ohm:Circus Of Sound2008Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.20544.28222
Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola, John MclaughlinFriday Night In San Francisco live1981Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.35634.48268
Peter BanksTwo Sides Of Peter Banks1973Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.91173.6223
Phil Keaggy2201996Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.86233.5966
Points NorthPoints North2015Instrumental, Rock Guitar Spotlight4.0834.1724
Richard Leo JohnsonFingertip Ship1999Rock Guitar Spotlight, Ambient, Instrumental4.01263.94130
Robert Fripp & The League Of Crafty GuitaristsIntergalactic Boogie Express - Live in Europe 19911995Crossover, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Ambient, Eclectic, Instrumental3.88633.79116
Robert Fripp & The League Of Crafty GuitaristsShow Of Hands1991Crossover, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Ambient, Eclectic, Instrumental4.1015.004
Sean GillOctober Dust2003Rock Guitar Spotlight, Ambient, Instrumental4.04244.0066
Spaced OutEponymus II2001Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, LTE/Planet X and Influenced, Instrumental3.83353.6379
Spaced OutLive At The Crescendo Festival2007Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, LTE/Planet X and Influenced, Instrumental4.02423.99123
Spaced OutEvolution2008Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, LTE/Planet X and Influenced, Instrumental4.121024.14431
Spaced OutSlow Gin2003Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, LTE/Planet X and Influenced, Instrumental4.18814.22334
Spaced OutUnstable Matter2006Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, LTE/Planet X and Influenced, Instrumental4.21774.27332
StaticPatterns2007Progressive/Metal, Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.99393.94181
Steve Howe's RemedyElements2003Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Yes Influenced4.08444.08156
Steve MorseThe Sessions2016Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental, Folk/Celtic4.0363.8310
Steve MorseMajor Impacts 22004Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental, Folk/Celtic4.0714.003
Steve MorseMajor Impacts2000Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental, Folk/Celtic4.1015.005
Steve Morse BandOut Standing In Their Field2009Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.0824.254
Steve Morse BandSplit Decision2002Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.0824.253
Steve Morse BandCoast to Coast1992Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.0934.333
Steve Morse BandHigh Tension Wires1989Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.1134.505
Steve Morse BandSouthern Steel1991Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.0700.002
Steve Morse BandStand Up1985Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.0700.000
Steve Morse BandStressfest1996Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.0700.000
Steve Morse BandStructural Damage1995Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.0700.002
Steve Morse BandThe Introduction1984Rock Guitar Spotlight, Jazz, Technical, Instrumental4.0700.001
Steve StevensFlamenco A Go-Go1999Jazz, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Eastern/Ethnic Influence, Instrumental4.16564.21279
Tak MatsumotoHana2003Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.03744.01185
The Carl Verheyen BandTake One Step2006Rock Guitar Spotlight3.84283.5982
Tommy ErmolliStep Ahead2009Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.01163.9129
Tony HernandoActual Events2008Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.0724.002
Tony HernandoTH III Live!2006Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.0700.001
Tony LevinResonator2006Jazz, Instrumental, Rock Guitar Spotlight3.88383.7244
Tony LevinPieces Of The Sun2002Jazz, Instrumental, Rock Guitar Spotlight4.01493.98180
Travis Larson BandBurn Season2004Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.16384.22116
ZeroesqueMultipick Technique2008Progressive/Metal, Jazz, LTE/Planet X and Influenced, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.84373.6562
ZeroesqueZeroesque2003Progressive/Metal, Jazz, LTE/Planet X and Influenced, Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental3.99683.95155