Progulus CD List (07 Jan 2018)

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ArtistAlbumYearGenreBayesian RatingVotesRatingPlays
Alex MasiTheory of Everything2010Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.91543.8154
Anas Ibn MalekDelusional Thoughts2013Shred, Instrumental4.04113.9516
Andy JamesPsychic Transfusion EP2013Technical, Instrumental, Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.13174.24105
Angel VivaldiRevelations2008Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.0724.004
Angel VivaldiThe Speed of Dark2010Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.0884.1310
Angel VivaldiAway With Words, Part 12014Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.1094.2225
CacophonySpeed Metal Symphony1987Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental, Speed, Neo-Classical3.97413.8985
Claudio CorderoQuasar2016Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.0814.506
Daniele LiveraniEleven Mysteries2012Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred, Crossover3.95193.7634
Daniele LiveraniDaily Trauma2004Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred, Crossover4.00553.95231
Daniele LiveraniFantasia2014Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred, Crossover4.06124.0428
Dave MartoneWhen The Aliens Come2007Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.081034.08315
Dave MartoneA Demons Dream2002Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.14894.17363
Ferrigno, Leal & KuprijPromised Land.2003Neo-Classical, Metal Guitar Spotlight, Keyboard Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.93233.7465
Francesco FareriMechanism Reloaded2013Shred, Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental4.0343.7512
Gary HoeyHocus Pocus LIVE1998Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.05494.0492
George BellasTurn of the Millennium1997Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental3.9993.7212
George BellasStep into the Future.2008Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental3.91403.79141
George BellasThe Dawn of Time2010Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental3.99153.8328
George BellasPlanetary Alignment2008Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental3.98193.8437
George BellasAstral Projection2013Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental4.05244.0240
Jason BeckerPerpetual Burn1988Metal Guitar Spotlight, Neo-Classical, Shred, Instrumental4.201004.24536
Jeff ScheetzWoodpecker Stomp1992Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.0363.8334
Joe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?2004Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred3.69833.55301
Joe SatrianiEngines Of Creation2000Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred3.98183.83185
Joe SatrianiNot of This Earth1986Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.04204.00227
Joe SatrianiLive in San Francisco (Disc 1)2001Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.0754.10162
Joe SatrianiShockwave Supernova2015Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.12114.2743
Joe SatrianiSurfing With The Alien1987Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.331904.37530
Joe SatrianiLive in San Francisco (Disc 2)2001Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.1024.50165
Joe SatrianiFlying In A Blue Dream1989Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.54684.75464
Joey TafollaOut of The Sun1987Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.93313.79108
John PetrucciSuspended Animation2005Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental, LTE/Planet X and Influenced, Technical DTI4.493024.531,258
Marcel CoenenColour Journey2006Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.94563.87233
Marty FriedmanIntroduction1994Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.99323.92119
Marty FriedmanInferno2014Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.0714.009
Marty FriedmanTrue Obsessions1996Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.0774.0723
Marty FriedmanScenes1992Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.15234.2686
Marty FriedmanDragon's Kiss1988Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.21364.32229
Matteo BrigoIt Works!2016Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.0413.001
Michael RomeoThe Dark Chapter2000Metal Guitar Spotlight, Neo-Classical, Shred4.25704.32369
Niels VejlytSthenic2011Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred3.9893.6720
Patrick HemerMore than Meets the Eye2011Neo-Classical, Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.01123.8849
Paul WardinghamSpiritual Machines2016Technical, Instrumental, Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.0634.008
Paul WardinghamAssimilate Regenerate2011Technical, Instrumental, Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.12314.1839
Paul WardinghamThe Human Affliction2015Technical, Instrumental, Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.1074.2116
Pete LarameeAlone But Not Lonely2002Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.0714.008
Project SteigerDefiance2003Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.06124.0440
Project: StormThe Reckoning1999Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.99183.8643
Richie KotzenRichie Kotzen1987Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.99203.8861
Richie KotzenFever Dream1990Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.0874.1431
Rob JohnsonRob Johnson2001Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.88243.6586
Rob JohnsonGuitarchitecture1997Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.95163.7217
Scott StineBroke1994Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.03203.9754
Simone FiorlettaPersonalities2013Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.00123.8311
Stéphan FortéEnigma Opera Black2014Progressive, Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.0634.004
Stéphan FortéThe Shadows Compendium2011Progressive, Guitar Spotlight, Shred4.0700.002
Steve CichonCranial Feedback2010Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.97203.82100
Steve VaiAlien Love Secrets1995Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental, Frank Zappa and Influenced3.911033.87410
Steve VaiAlive In An Ultra World (CD 1)2001Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental, Frank Zappa and Influenced4.11374.15214
Steve VaiSex & Religion1993Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Frank Zappa and Influenced4.12474.15217
Steve VaiReal Illusions: Reflections2005Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental, Frank Zappa and Influenced4.14564.18201
Steve VaiAlive In An Ultra World (CD 2)2001Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental, Frank Zappa and Influenced4.14384.20203
Steve VaiFire Garden1996Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental, Frank Zappa and Influenced4.27834.34441
Steve VaiPassion And Warfare1990Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental, Frank Zappa and Influenced4.301364.35632
Strings 24Strings 242009Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.97243.8348
Theodore ZirasHyperpyrexia2007Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.06494.05111
Todd GrubbsCombination1994Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental3.96173.7628
Todd GrubbsBeautiful Device2004Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Instrumental4.05104.0021
Tony HernandoActual Events2008Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.0724.002
Tony HernandoTH III Live!2006Rock Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.0700.001
Tony MacAlpineConcrete Gardens2015Metal Guitar Spotlight, Neo-Classical, Shred, Instrumental4.0594.0020
Tony MacAlpineEdge Of Insanity1985Metal Guitar Spotlight, Neo-Classical, Shred, Instrumental4.18844.22400
Tony MacAlpineMaximum Security1987Metal Guitar Spotlight, Neo-Classical, Shred, Instrumental4.231224.27557
Tony MacAlpineChromaticity2001Metal Guitar Spotlight, Neo-Classical, Shred, Instrumental4.26914.32579
Tony MacAlpineEvolution1995Metal Guitar Spotlight, Neo-Classical, Shred, Instrumental4.0700.0087
Torben EnevoldsenFlying Solo2006Metal Guitar Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.03193.97125
Vinnie MooreLive!1999Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental3.93143.6420
Vinnie MooreDefying Gravity2001Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental4.02293.9778
Vinnie MooreTime Odyssey1988Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental4.041074.04396
Vinnie MooreMind's Eye1986Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental4.13824.15363
Vinnie MooreThe Maze1999Metal Guitar Spotlight, Shred, Neo-Classical, Instrumental4.16214.2981
Vitalij KuprijExtreme Measures1998Neo-Classical, Keyboard Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred3.88353.7154
Vitalij KuprijVK31990Neo-Classical, Keyboard Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred3.98223.8642
Vitalij KuprijVitalij Kuprij's Revenge2005Neo-Classical, Keyboard Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred3.97553.91161
Vitalij KuprijHigh Definition1998Neo-Classical, Keyboard Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.07384.0892
Vitalij KuprijForward and Beyond2004Neo-Classical, Keyboard Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.10624.12185
Vitalij KuprijGlacial Inferno2007Neo-Classical, Keyboard Spotlight, Instrumental, Shred4.17624.22213