Progulus CD List (21 May 2020)

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ArtistAlbumYearGenreBayesian RatingVotesRatingPlays
A Forest Of StarsA Shadowplay For Yesterdays2012Harsh Vocals4.0323.5013
A Forest Of StarsOpportunistic Thieves Of Spring2010Harsh Vocals4.0523.756
A Forest Of StarsBeware The Sword You Cannot See2015Harsh Vocals4.0533.8319
A Forest Of StarsThe Corpse Of Rebirth2008Harsh Vocals4.0700.005
A Sense of GravityAtrament2016Harsh Vocals, Jazz, Djent4.0413.005
A Sense of GravityA Sense of Gravity2011Harsh Vocals, Jazz, Djent3.95143.6818
AnciientsVoice Of The Void2016Progressive, Harsh Vocals4.1664.5831
AnciientsHeart of Oak2013Progressive, Harsh Vocals4.1644.8836
Between The Buried And MeComa Ecliptic2015Harsh Vocals4.04123.9644
Celestial SeasonSolar Lovers1995Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.0073.7147
Continuo RenacerContinuo Renacer2005Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.961273.94638
Continuo RenacerThe Great Escape2011Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.03263.9855
Control DeniedThe Fragile Art Of Existence1999Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.07624.06256
Crimson SunTowards the Light2015Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0473.9324
CynicFocus1993Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.901143.86555
CynicKindly Bent to Free Us2014Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.16184.3188
CynicTraced in Air2008Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.291394.34947
Dan SwanoMoontower1998Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.021084.01420
Dark SunsEverchild2016Harsh Vocals4.0223.2514
Dark SunsReOranged (Unplugged EP)2011Harsh Vocals4.0774.0737
Dark SunsGrave Human Genuine2008Harsh Vocals4.08764.09205
Dark SunsExistence2004Harsh Vocals4.261214.31566
DefyingNexus Artificial2015Goth Doom, Harsh Vocals4.0700.0015
Derelict SunBlack and White2016Progressive, Harsh Vocals4.0223.253
DimaeonCollapse Of The Anthropocene2013Harsh Vocals4.0714.0011
DisillusionBack To Times Of Splendor2004Harsh Vocals3.981323.96459
DisillusionGloria2006Harsh Vocals4.25554.35218
Division by ZeroIndependent Harmony2010Dark, Harsh Vocals4.10344.1381
Division by ZeroTyranny of Therapy2007Dark, Harsh Vocals4.261764.29763
Division by ZeroCode Of Soul2004Dark, Harsh Vocals4.21344.34118
DreamgravePresentiment2014Technical, Harsh Vocals4.0824.2516
Enochian TheoryLife ...And All It Entails2012Harsh Vocals, POSI4.02413.98145
Enochian TheoryEvolution Creatio Ex Nihilio2009Harsh Vocals, POSI4.16954.18622
EpicaThe Holographic Principle2016Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0353.8027
EpicaThe Quantum Enigma2014Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.08174.0957
EpicaConsign to Oblivion2005Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.191044.23467
EpicaWe Will Take You With Us2005Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.211154.25373
EpicaRequiem for the Indifferent2012Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.19374.28186
EpicaThe Divine Conspiracy (Ltd. Editon)2007Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.332244.371,137
EpicaDesign Your Universe2009Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.321064.40686
EpicaThe Divine Conspiracy (Bonus Disc)2007Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.19164.41126
EpicaThe Phantom Agony2003Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.371084.45889
FamilyFuture History2016Progressive, Harsh Vocals4.0513.503
ForwardheadPieces2007Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.06204.0594
Hidden TimbreOdyssey.2016Harsh Vocals4.0700.008
Hidden TimbreTriangulation2013Harsh Vocals4.0700.009
IdensityChronicles2013Harsh Vocals4.0513.5015
Into EternityBuried In Oblivion2004Harsh Vocals, Technical, Thrash4.01363.96133
Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy2008Harsh Vocals, Technical, Thrash4.03364.0073
Into EternityDead or Dreaming2001Harsh Vocals, Technical, Thrash4.06274.06101
KardashevPeripety2015Harsh Vocals4.0233.5014
LeprousAeolia2006Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.96523.89193
LeprousCoal2013Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.13684.15259
LeprousMalina2017Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.0824.256
LeprousThe Congregation2015Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.22294.38151
LeprousTall Poppy Syndrome2009Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.352574.381,274
LeprousBilateral2011Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.391834.45930
LeprousLive At Rockefeller Music Hall2016Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.1015.004
MastodonOnce More 'Round The Sun2014Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.0333.6719
MastodonCrack The Skye2009Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.98253.88101
Melted SpaceThe Great Lie2015Harsh Vocals3.9643.1316
MiseriumReturn To Grace2013Harsh Vocals4.0700.0018
MonumentsThe Amanuensis2014Djent, Math, Harsh Vocals4.0353.8022
OdetosunThe Dark Dunes Of Titan2015Harsh Vocals4.16114.4142
OdysseyVoids2016Technical, Harsh Vocals4.0724.0011
OpethOrchid1995Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom3.86713.77163
OpethMellotron Heart2008Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom3.97183.8118
OpethMy Arms, Your Hearse1998Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.101224.10362
OpethMorningrise1996Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.18714.23191
OpethThe Roundhouse Tapes (Disk 2)2007Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.20544.27101
OpethThe Roundhouse Tapes (Disk 1)2007Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.25604.34132
OpethDeliverance2002Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.321784.36753
OpethBlackwater Park2001Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.393604.421,496
OpethLamentations (Disk 2)2003Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.34464.52143
OpethGhost Reveries2005Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.494554.521,862
OpethLamentations (Disk 1)2003Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.43704.58211
OpethWatershed2008Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.593304.631,131
OpethStill Life1999Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.37334.64891
Orphaned LandThe Calm Before The Flood2004Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence3.99183.8685
Orphaned LandKna'an2016Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.0724.0017
Orphaned LandThe Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR2010Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.121584.13482
Orphaned LandMabool2004Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.241894.26797
Orphaned LandAll Is One2013Harsh Vocals, Experimental, Post-Metal, Eastern/Ethnic Influence4.22134.5873
Pathless LandLet The Legends Be True2016Progressive, Power, Harsh Vocals4.0714.004
PathosKatharsis2002Harsh Vocals3.97373.89145
Perihelion ShipA Rare Thunderstorm In Spring2016Harsh Vocals4.1344.6323
Perihelion ShipTo Paint a Bird of Fire2017Harsh Vocals4.0700.003
Pressure PointsFalse Lights2015Harsh Vocals4.0764.0815
Pressure PointsRemorses to Remember2010Harsh Vocals4.19104.5548
Scar SymmetryDark Matter Dimensions2009Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.86393.7193
Scar SymmetryPitch Black Progress2006Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.12674.15231
Scar SymmetryHolographic Universe2008Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.201834.22607
Scar SymmetryThe Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)2014Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.0700.009
SerdceTimelessness2014Technical, Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.12154.2396
SireniaAt Sixes And Sevens2002Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.03324.0099
SireniaAn Elixir For Existence2004Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.05544.05323
SireniaNine Destinies And A Downfall2007Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.14644.18223
SireniaThe 13th Floor2009Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.15614.20245
SireniaPerils of the Deep Blue2013Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.13124.2943
SoilworkNatural Born Chaos2002Harsh Vocals, Thrash3.99793.96285
SpiresThe Whisperer2014Harsh Vocals4.0700.008
The ContortionistLanguage2014Technical, Harsh Vocals3.9632.8313
The ContortionistClairvoyant2017Technical, Harsh Vocals4.0700.003
The OceanPrecambrian Disc 12007Harsh Vocals4.0012.002
The OceanHeliocentric2010Harsh Vocals3.95263.8186
The OceanPelagial2013Harsh Vocals4.15114.36132
The OceanPelagial (instrumental)2013Harsh Vocals4.1434.8360
The OceanAnthropocentric2010Harsh Vocals4.0700.009
The OceanfluXion2004Harsh Vocals4.0700.004
The OceanPrecambrian Disc 22007Harsh Vocals4.0700.003
TOCLoss Angeles2004Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.10594.11417
TOCPervertigo2002Harsh Vocals, Thrash4.13104.30178
TristaniaRubicon2010Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.93193.7132
TristaniaWorld of Glass2001Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.94203.7596
TristaniaDarkest White2013Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.01113.8632
TristaniaBeyond the Veil2001Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.99263.90105
TristaniaAshes2005Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.01453.97194
TristaniaIllumination2007Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.15504.20203
UnexpectFables Of The Sleepless Empire2011Avant-Garde, Harsh Vocals4.0700.008
UnexpectIn A Flesh Aquarium2006Avant-Garde, Harsh Vocals4.0700.0011
Universal Mind ProjectThe Jaguar Priest2016Progressive, Power, Harsh Vocals4.0513.5013
Winter's EdgeThe Ferryman's Eyes2014Progressive, Melodic, Power, Harsh Vocals4.0413.009
WolverineStill2006Dark, Harsh Vocals4.35454.53245
XerathII2011Harsh Vocals, Symphonic4.0714.0026
XerathI2009Harsh Vocals, Symphonic4.0700.0010
XerathIII2014Harsh Vocals, Symphonic4.0700.0025