Progulus CD List (21 May 2020)

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ArtistAlbumYearGenreBayesian RatingVotesRatingPlays
A Perfect CircleeMOTIVe2004Goth Doom3.89713.81306
A Perfect CircleThirteenth Step2003Goth Doom4.231074.28647
A Perfect CircleMer de Noms2000Goth Doom4.30924.37551
öxxö xööxNämïdäë2015Goth Doom4.0533.8313
Aesma DaevaThe Thallasa Mixes2008Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.09514.11247
After ForeverPrison Of Desire2000Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.08834.09482
After ForeverDecipher2001Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.11754.12413
After ForeverRemagine2005Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.141214.161,044
After ForeverInvisible Circles2004Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.18634.24577
After ForeverMy Choice - The Evil That Men Do2003Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.1184.2596
After ForeverEmphasis ~ Who Wants To Live Forever2002Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0934.337
After ForeverExordium2003Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.22364.35297
After ForeverAfter Forever2007Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.311444.36990
AncestorsOf Sound Mind2009Progressive, Stoner, Goth Doom4.0700.004
Ancient BardsA New Dawn Ending2014Power, Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.03133.9230
AngtoriaGod Has A Plan For Us All2006Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.021614.01691
AntimatterPlanetary Confinement2005Goth Doom, Ambient3.84463.70138
AntimatterFear Of A Unique Identity2012Goth Doom, Ambient4.0634.0013
AntimatterLeaving Eden2007Goth Doom, Ambient4.0714.008
AntimatterThe Judas Table2015Goth Doom, Ambient4.0634.0019
AsraiTouch In The Dark2004Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.98223.8663
Beyon-D-LusionIntuispection2005Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.98553.93315
Celestial SeasonSolar Lovers1995Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.0073.7147
Cirrha NivaFor Moments Never Done2009Progressive, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0323.503
Cirrha NivaOut of the Freakshow2016Progressive, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0700.004
Crimson SunTowards the Light2015Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0473.9324
Dan SwanoMoontower1998Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.021084.01420
Dead Can DanceMemento2005Goth Doom3.78663.64179
Dead Can DanceWithin The Realm Of A Dying Sun2008Goth Doom4.0714.005
Dead Can DanceInto The Labyrinth1993Goth Doom4.1015.003
DefyingNexus Artificial2015Goth Doom, Harsh Vocals4.0700.0015
DelainLucidity2006Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.16854.19351
DelainMoonbathers (Deluxe Edition)2016Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0954.2015
DelainWe Are The Others2012Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.22784.28443
DelainApril Rain2009Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.321204.38518
DelainInterlude2013Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.21214.4092
DelainLunar Prelude EP2016Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0700.001
DelainMoonbathers (CD 2)2016Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0700.000
Delight.Eternity2002Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0083.7518
DelightLast temptation2000Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.07134.0827
DelightThe Fading Tale2001Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.13184.2283
Diabulus in MusicaArgia2014Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.95213.7953
Divine AscensionAs The Truth Appears2011Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.03213.98110
Divine AscensionLiberator2014Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0700.009
DreadnoughtA Wake In Sacred Waves2017Progressive, Eclectic, Female-Fronted, Flute Spotlight, Goth Doom3.9933.175
DreadnoughtBridging Realms2015Progressive, Eclectic, Female-Fronted, Flute Spotlight, Goth Doom4.0473.9314
DreamquestLost Horizons2006Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.89673.81222
EchoterraThe Law Of One2009Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.93203.7343
ElisGod's Silence Devil's Temptation2003Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.05194.0373
ElisDark Clouds in a Perfect Sky2004Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.10324.12228
ElisGriefshire2006Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.14274.2294
End Of YouUnreal2006Progressive/Metal, Goth Doom, Symphonic4.00173.8883
EpicaThe Holographic Principle2016Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0353.8027
EpicaThe Quantum Enigma2014Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.08174.0957
EpicaConsign to Oblivion2005Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.191044.23467
EpicaWe Will Take You With Us2005Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.211154.25373
EpicaRequiem for the Indifferent2012Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.19374.28186
EpicaThe Divine Conspiracy (Ltd. Editon)2007Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.332244.371,137
EpicaDesign Your Universe2009Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.321064.40686
EpicaThe Divine Conspiracy (Bonus Disc)2007Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.19164.41126
EpicaThe Phantom Agony2003Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.371084.45889
Evil MasqueradeThird Act2007Goth Doom, Neo-Classical3.98243.88109
Ex LibrisMedea2014Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0944.2511
FaithBlessed?2008Goth Doom, Folk/Celtic3.93173.6830
GaiaPraxis2006Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.24364.38125
HamkaUnearth2006Melodic, Power, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.24744.31414
KatatoniaDead End Kings2012Goth Doom3.97243.8537
KatatoniaLast Fair Day Gone Night2014Goth Doom4.0463.9224
KatatoniaTonight's Decision1999Goth Doom4.04153.9754
KatatoniaDethroned & Uncrowned2013Goth Doom4.1074.2143
KatatoniaSanctitude2015Goth Doom4.1284.3149
KatatoniaViva Emptiness2003Goth Doom4.271184.33400
KatatoniaThe Great Cold Distance2006Goth Doom4.311444.36810
KatatoniaNight Is The New Day2009Goth Doom4.351514.40904
KatatoniaLast Fair Deal Gone Down2001Goth Doom4.35644.48338
KatraBeast Within2008Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.02433.9888
King GoatConduit2016Goth Doom4.0700.0014
Lacuna CoilBroken Crown Halo2014Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0784.0626
Lacuna CoilUnleashed Memories2000Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.10634.11217
Lacuna CoilKarmacode2006Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.22574.30303
Lacuna CoilIn A Reverie1999Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.25614.34298
Lacuna CoilLacuna Coil1997Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.22254.40160
Lacuna CoilComalies2002Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.381314.451,048
Lake Of TearsThe Neonai2002Goth Doom4.0714.0011
Lake Of TearsForever Autumn1999Goth Doom4.0700.0012
Leaves' EyesVinland Saga (Limited Edition)2005Melodic, Goth Doom, Nordic, Female-Fronted4.07854.08520
Leaves' EyesLegend Land2006Melodic, Goth Doom, Nordic, Female-Fronted4.08434.08133
Leaves' EyesLovelorn2004Melodic, Goth Doom, Nordic, Female-Fronted4.17284.27125
Leaves' EyesSymphonies Of The Night2013Melodic, Goth Doom, Nordic, Female-Fronted4.1574.5039
LumskÅsmund Frægdegjevar2003Goth Doom, Folk/Celtic4.10164.1674
LumskTroll2003Goth Doom, Folk/Celtic4.11154.2034
LumskDet Vilde Kor2007Goth Doom, Folk/Celtic4.13214.2181
LunaticaFables & Dreams2004Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.00293.93153
LunaticaNew Shores2009Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.31654.42274
MagionA Different Shade Of Darkness2013Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.09124.1247
MemoiraMemoira2008Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.09244.1261
MidnattsolNordlys (Limited Edition)2008Melodic, Goth Doom, Nordic, Female-Fronted4.12294.1776
MidnattsolWhere Twilight Dwells2005Melodic, Goth Doom, Nordic, Female-Fronted4.19534.25330
MorningHour of Joy2005Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.96223.82146
MutumPremonitions Of War2014Female-Fronted, Symphonic, Goth Doom4.1344.6343
MysticaDreams In Real Forms2008Symphonic, Goth Doom4.0483.9422
NaamahResensement2004Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.01343.96111
NemeseaMana2004Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.14514.18301
NightwishEndless Forms Most Beautiful (Deluxe Version)2015Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.0794.0619
NightwishAngels Fall First (Official Collector's Edition)1997Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.07264.08107
NightwishOceanborn1998Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.091024.10646
NightwishImaginaerum (Instrumental Versions)2011Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.1184.2522
NightwishOver The Hills And Far Away2001Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.21604.27426
NightwishImaginaerum2011Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.22304.37200
NightwishWishmaster2000Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.311184.37753
NightwishDark Passion Play (Disk 1)2007Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.331914.37989
NightwishOnce (Bonus Edition)2004Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.442534.481,645
NightwishCentury Child2002Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.431364.511,066
NightwishDark Passion Play (Disk 2 - Orchestral Versions)2007Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted, Operatic and Choral4.38514.57284
Octavia SperatiWinter Enclosure2005Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.98343.90120
Octavia SperatiGrace Submerged2007Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.05474.04110
OpethOrchid1995Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom3.86713.77163
OpethMellotron Heart2008Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom3.97183.8118
OpethSorceress2016Progressive, Goth Doom4.03143.9343
OpethMy Arms, Your Hearse1998Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.101224.10362
OpethMorningrise1996Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.18714.23191
OpethThe Roundhouse Tapes (Disk 2)2007Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.20544.27101
OpethThe Roundhouse Tapes (Disk 1)2007Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.25604.34132
OpethDeliverance2002Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.321784.36753
OpethBlackwater Park2001Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.393604.421,496
OpethPale Communion2014Progressive, Goth Doom4.28444.42164
OpethHeritage2011Progressive, Goth Doom4.391784.44959
OpethLamentations (Disk 2)2003Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.34464.52143
OpethGhost Reveries2005Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.494554.521,862
OpethBlackwater Park2001Progressive, Goth Doom4.42834.55374
OpethLamentations (Disk 1)2003Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.43704.58211
OpethStill Life1999Progressive, Goth Doom4.40504.60246
OpethGhost Reveries2005Progressive, Goth Doom4.50984.63484
OpethWatershed2008Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.593304.631,131
OpethStill Life1999Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom4.37334.64891
OpethDeliverance2002Progressive, Goth Doom4.1874.6462
OpethDamnation2003Progressive, Goth Doom4.642784.701,242
PhantasmaThe Deviant Hearts2015Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0553.9017
ReVampReVamp2010Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.10414.12194
Saviour MachineSaviour Machine II1994Goth Doom4.0714.008
Saviour MachineSaviour Machine1993Goth Doom4.0814.502
Saviour MachineLegend Part II1998Goth Doom4.0700.002
Saviour MachineLegend part II limited signature edition2007Goth Doom4.0700.000
Saviour MachineSynopsis2001Goth Doom4.0700.008
ShadowplayShadowplay2007Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.25774.32450
SilentiumSeducia2006Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.05334.03145
SireniaAt Sixes And Sevens2002Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.03324.0099
SireniaAn Elixir For Existence2004Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.05544.05323
SireniaNine Destinies And A Downfall2007Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.14644.18223
SireniaThe 13th Floor2009Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.15614.20245
SireniaPerils of the Deep Blue2013Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.13124.2943
Sleeping PulseUnder The Same Sky2014Goth Doom, Ambient4.1064.2524
SolefaldIn Harmonia Universali2003Goth Doom, Technical4.0700.007
Subterranean MasqueradeTemporary Psychotic State2004Goth Doom4.07134.0842
Subterranean MasqueradeVagabond2017Goth Doom4.0824.256
Subterranean MasqueradeThe Great Bazaar2015Goth Doom4.1234.6713
Subterranean MasqueradeSuspended Animation Dreams2005Goth Doom4.0700.008
The CrestLetter From Fire2002Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.93123.5847
The CrestVain City Chronicles2005Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.92243.73133
The DreamsideLunar Nature2009Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.90293.7255
Theatre Of TragedyTheatre Of Tragedy1995Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.94253.7870
Theatre Of TragedyAegis1998Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.07334.0661
Theatre Of TragedyForever Is The World2010Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.20654.25385
TherionSitra Ahra2010Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical3.93353.80143
TherionLive in Midgård (disc 2)2002Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical3.99143.8254
TherionCelebrators of Becoming (CD2)2006Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.00213.9086
TherionCelebrators of Becoming (CD1)2006Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.02153.9352
TherionTheli1996Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.03374.00149
TherionLive in Midgård (disc 1)2002Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.06134.0458
TherionVovin1998Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.07304.07106
TherionDeggial2000Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.181014.22547
TherionLemuria2004Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.21654.27385
TherionSirius B2004Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.22404.32172
TherionGothic Kabbalah [Disc 1]2007Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.27934.33411
TherionSecret of the Runes2001Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.17184.33116
TherionGothic Kabbalah [Disc 2]2007Nordic, Operatic and Choral, Goth Doom, Neo-Classical4.31574.43228
Trance of MineReflections2004Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0700.00127
TristaniaRubicon2010Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.93193.7132
TristaniaWorld of Glass2001Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.94203.7596
TristaniaDarkest White2013Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.01113.8632
TristaniaBeyond the Veil2001Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted3.99263.90105
TristaniaAshes2005Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.01453.97194
TristaniaIllumination2007Symphonic, Harsh Vocals, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.15504.20203
TystnadenIn Our Eye2008Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.05284.0484
UnsunThe End Of Life2008Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.10744.11276
Urban TalesDiary Of a No2007Goth Doom3.85473.71207
Veni Domine23:592006Goth Doom3.90343.75150
Veni DomineLight2014Goth Doom4.0700.0010
VintersorgVisions from the Spiral Generator2002Goth Doom3.89373.74163
VintersorgThe Focusing Blur2003Goth Doom3.89523.78265
Within TemptationHydra [Disc 2]2014Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.01123.8740
Within TemptationThe Dance1998Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.07314.06183
Within TemptationMother Earth2003Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.071324.07779
Within TemptationEnter1997Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.09514.11244
Within TemptationThe Heart Of Everything (Ltd. Edition)2007Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.132384.14804
Within TemptationMother Earth Tour2000Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.13254.20176
Within TemptationSilent Force [Bonus Tracks]2004Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.20944.24566
Within TemptationHydra [Disc 1]2014Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.12114.2752
Within TemptationThe Silent Force Tour2005Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.20414.29263
XandriaSacrificium2014Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0243.6311
XandriaRavenheart2004Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.01243.9477
XandriaSacrificium (Deluxe Version)2014Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.0644.0012
XandriaIndia2005Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.08334.09312
XandriaSalome' The Seventh Veil2007Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.16374.23119
XandriaNeverworld's End2012Symphonic, Goth Doom, Female-Fronted4.13174.24120
Year Of The GoatThe Unspeakable2015Goth Doom4.00103.8022