Progulus CD List (21 May 2020)

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ArtistAlbumYearGenreBayesian RatingVotesRatingPlays
Blue Öyster CultImaginos1988Crossover, Hard Rock3.89313.7131
Blue Öyster CultSecret Treaties (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)1974Crossover, Hard Rock3.97133.7333
Blue Öyster CultDon't Fear The Reaper: The Best of Blue Öyster Cult2000Crossover, Hard Rock3.90913.84242
Blue Öyster CultFire Of Unknown Origin1981Crossover, Hard Rock3.93523.86160
Blue MurderBlue Murder1989Hard Rock, AOR4.14784.17417
Bob CatleySpirit Of Man2006Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.86363.6862
Brazen AbbotEye Of The Storm1997Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.87193.5525
Brazen AbbotBad Religion1997Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.85233.5732
Brazen AbbotGuilty as Sin2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.85343.6651
Brazen AbbotMy resurrection2005Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.99253.9068
BudgieSquawk1972Crossover, Hard Rock3.85443.69163
BudgieIn For The Kill1974Crossover, Hard Rock4.07884.07360
BudgieNever Turn Your Back On A Friend1973Crossover, Hard Rock4.0754.1011
BudgieBudgie1971Crossover, Hard Rock4.1134.5014
CornerstoneHuman Stain2002Hard Rock, AOR4.0373.8628
CornerstoneTwo Tales Of One Tomorrow2007Hard Rock, AOR4.05264.0274
CornerstoneArrival2000Hard Rock, AOR4.16174.3232
CornerstoneOnce Upon Our Yesterdays2004Hard Rock, AOR4.25474.37394
Crack The SkyFrom the Greenhouse1989Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.89203.6260
Crack The SkyAnimal Notes1976Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.96173.7637
Crack The SkySafety in Numbers.1978Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.14354.20183
Crack The SkyCrack The Sky [Bonus Tracks]1975Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.0824.258
Crack The SkyThe Sale2007Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.1064.2511
D.C. CooperD.C. Cooper1999Hard Rock, AOR4.11544.14261
Frank Marino And Mahogany RushMahogany Rush IV1976Hard Rock, Crossover3.93143.6429
Frank Marino And Mahogany RushStrange Universe1975Hard Rock, Crossover4.00603.96234
Frank Marino And Mahogany RushWorld Anthem1977Hard Rock, Crossover4.02253.9675
Frank Marino And Mahogany RushJuggernaut1982Hard Rock, Crossover4.09384.11145
Gary HughesOnce And Future King - Part II2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.03123.9277
Gary HughesOnce And Future King - Part I2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.08264.10117
Jerry CantrellBoggy Depot1998Hard Rock3.95113.6425
Joel Hoekstra's 13Dying To Live2015Hard Rock, Crossover4.0543.8812
JourneyLook Into the Future1976Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.73593.56256
MagnumEscape from the Shadow Garden2014Crossover, Hard Rock4.0273.7924
MagnumThe Eleventh Hour!1983Crossover, Hard Rock4.14394.19213
MagnumChase The Dragon (Expanded Edition)1982Crossover, Hard Rock4.20394.31189
MagnumChase The Dragon (Expanded Edition)1982Crossover, Hard Rock4.1144.38116
MagnumOn A Storyteller's Night1985Crossover, Hard Rock4.26394.41220
Manfred Mann's Earth BandWatch1978Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.89213.6231
Manfred Mann's Earth BandSolar Fire - Special Edition1973Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.07394.08175
Manfred Mann's Earth BandWired2001Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.13564.17185
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe Roaring Silence1976Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.14154.2720
Manfred Mann's Earth BandNightingales And Bombers1975Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.1784.5621
Mr Nice GuyMr Nice Guy1994Crossover, Hard Rock3.86233.5931
NightingaleI.2000Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.04224.0070
NightingaleInvisible2004Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.05274.02106
NightingaleThe Closing Chronicles1996Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.22424.33106
NightingaleAlive Again2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.34564.4878
NightingaleAlive Again2003Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.0814.504
NightingaleWhite Darkness2007Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.591604.69494
NightingaleThe Breathing Shadow1996Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.45364.78190
NightingaleInvisible2004Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.0700.0045
NightingaleRetribution2014Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.0700.0022
Nikolo KotzevNostradamus CD I2001Crossover, Hard Rock, Opera4.11464.14281
Nikolo KotzevNostradamus CD II2001Crossover, Hard Rock, Opera4.18514.25365
Place VendomePlace Vendome2005Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.98103.7054
Ronnie MontroseThe Speed Of Sound1988Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.10384.13185
Russell AllenAtomic Soul2005Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.171164.19384
Shotgun SymphonyOn The Line Of Fire1997Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR4.08224.09100
Spiritual BeggarsEarth Blues CD22013Crossover, Hard Rock4.0413.006
Spiritual BeggarsReturn to Zero2010Crossover, Hard Rock4.14374.2098
Spiritual BeggarsEarth Blues CD12013Crossover, Hard Rock4.1294.2838
StyxThe Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings [Disc 2]2005Crossover, Hard Rock3.52463.16184
StyxCornerstone1979Crossover, Hard Rock4.0393.8927
StyxCome Sail Away: The Styx Anthology (Disc 2)2004Crossover, Hard Rock4.00933.98242
StyxPieces of Eight1978Crossover, Hard Rock4.06794.06212
StyxThe Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings (Disc 1)2005Crossover, Hard Rock4.07184.0875
StyxCrystal Ball1976Crossover, Hard Rock4.10634.11196
StyxEquinox1975Crossover, Hard Rock4.16834.20333
StyxCome Sail Away: The Styx Anthology (Disc 1)2004Crossover, Hard Rock4.22574.30190
StyxThe Grand Illusion1977Crossover, Hard Rock4.311544.35676
The Crystal CaravanThe Crystal Caravan2009Crossover, Hard Rock3.96203.8021
TriumphIn The Beginning1976Crossover, Hard Rock3.84403.66136
TriumphSurveillance.1987Crossover, Hard Rock3.99413.9498
TriumphJust A Game1979Hard Rock, Crossover3.98603.94120
TriumphThe Sport Of Kings1986Crossover, Hard Rock4.02213.9560
TriumphAllied Forces1981Crossover, Hard Rock3.991083.97380
TriumphThunder Seven1985Crossover, Hard Rock4.04964.03257
TriumphNever Surrender1983Crossover, Hard Rock4.06504.05130
Uriah HeepFallen Angel1978Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR3.91153.6021
Uriah HeepRaging Silence1989Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR3.94173.7123
Uriah HeepSalisbury1971Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.0553.909
Uriah HeepAbominog1982Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.03193.9730
Uriah HeepTotally Driven CD12015Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.0714.0015
Uriah HeepThe Magician's Birthday1972Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.13244.2164
Uriah HeepLook At Yourself1971Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.27614.37244
Uriah HeepDemons and Wizards1972Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.21234.39127
Uriah HeepTotally Driven CD22015Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock, AOR4.0700.0015
Various ArtistsBlack Night - Deep Purple Tribute1996Hard Rock, Cover Songs3.87603.77146
Wishbone AshIlluminations1995Crossover, Hard Rock4.0043.5010
Wishbone AshPilgrimage1971Crossover, Hard Rock3.95113.6418
Wishbone AshNouveau Calls1987Crossover, Hard Rock3.86313.66136
Wishbone AshWishbone Ash1970Crossover, Hard Rock4.0724.007
Wishbone AshArgus1972Crossover, Hard Rock4.19104.5531
Wishbone AshThere's The Rub1974Crossover, Hard Rock4.1234.6716
WyzardsThe Final Catastrophe1997Progressive/Metal, Hard Rock3.93433.83195
WyzardsThe Final Catastrophe1997Progressive Rock/Metal, Hard Rock3.94433.85193
ZebraThe Best of Zebra -- In Black And White1998Crossover, Hard Rock, AOR3.831413.78568